GroomingHow to trim your dogs nails

May 9, 2020by Tara

Just like us, pet’s nails continually grow and without regular walking on hard surfaces they will continue to grow and become longer. It’s important to have your dog’s nails checked regularly by a groomer or vet.

Inside a dog’s nail is a blood supply known as the ‘quick’.

During different times of the year we may change our pets walking habits, the changes in behaviour can allow the ‘quick’ to grow with the nail limiting the amount of nail that can be clipped off. In extreme cases it is possible for the nail to curl around and grow right back into the skin.

Care needs to be taken when trimming a dogs nails to not cut the nail too short and expose the ‘quick’.

The diagram below (by shows the best way to trim a dog’s nail if you were confident to do so at home.


If you were to accidently cut the nail too short whilst trimming at home, below are some home remedies.

  • Use a bar of soap and gently apply pressure to cover the nail
  • Apply pressure, then place cornflour over the exposed quick

If the bleeding continues, you will net to seek medical advice.

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