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July 12, 2020by Tara

How do I avoid Ticks and Fleas?

Ticks and fleas tend to prefer the warmer environments. It is important to check your pet regularly for parasites. The easiest way to do this is if the coat is kept nice and short, otherwise for longer coat’s or double coated types be vigilant whilst you do regular grooming.

Always feel for lumps and bumps on your pet’s coat and if you feel something unusual separate the hair and inspect. Pay particular attention to the head, neck and chest, behind the ears and inside to determine any possible ticks.

Prevention of Ticks and Fleas

Always keep up to date with your chosen parasite treatment. You may find what works for one dog, may not work for another. Find the program that best suits them.

What treatments for Ticks and Fleas are available?

Ticks – Get in touch with your Vet immediately if you suspect a tick.

Fleas – Fleas can quickly multiple and take over a dogs skin causing pain. Once a dog has fleas it needs to be treated immediately to stop the spread. Flea treatment is simple, treat the host (dog) as fleas need the host to live and for future prevention clean the areas the dog was in contact with. Severe infestation, you may need to hire a professional.

  • Flea Shampoo/Spray – Not the best method to eliminate fleas, it may kill what is on the host but will not help to maintain the protection needed against fleas. (Always follow directions on the label)
  • Topical Treatment – Topical treatment can be used on puppies as young as eight weeks old, and pregnant, breeding and lactating dogs. It comes with an applicator which allows you to put just a few drops on the nape of the neck. This product provides a month of protection. (Always follow directions on the label)
  • Tablets – There are a wide variety of tablets that will help kill and control any flea infestation. (Always follow directions on the label)

Your local pet store or vet clinic will be able to advise you on the best solution for your pet.